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Monday, June 18, 2012



What PUBLIC section of the Truckee River is FLY FISHING ONLY?


  1. JdJ----Close but no cigar...

    What PUBLIC-access section of river?

  2. The San Francisco Fly Fishing club's property, downstream of the Glenshire bridge. What makes it PUBLIC is CA DFG stocks the fish there and the PUBLIC funds DFG - We own those fish! This is one of my Dad's pet peeves of all time.

  3. OK then, from downstream of the SF Flyfishers property to Prosser Creek

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  5. Rgarbarino---Boca to stateleine during GENERAL season is barbless flies or lures, minimun 14", two take, no bait....these regs start at the Prosser Creek inflow. WINTER is same but ZERO take.

    JdJ---Well OK...but, technically from Union Mills Bridge( #80 overpass) downstream to the inflow of Prosser Creek is PUBLIC land; about 350-400yards. From Prosser creek to stateline is the same regs as I've mentioned to Rgarbarino

    Jonny B---I'm pretty sure that the DF & G does not plant the waters within the PRIVATE land. A couple of years ago I saw a hatchery truck there; it was not a DF & G truck.

    The question is how the club is allowed to plant a hatchery trout in a state designated "wild trout" stream; a designation used in the'80's. I'm guessing there is some sort of technical loop-hole.

    OR...if not

    The local hearsay & gossip is the club has influence all the way to the White House, regardless which political party is in office. Which may explain why your dad's pet peeve, if he inquired and/or complained may have eventually fell on deaf ears...if the gossip

    1. Just wondering if floating the Truckee below Glenshire Bridge would be considered public access?

  6. JdJ---I will not answer your very direct question (alternately known as a "dodge"). There are lots of variables and issues and I'm not an attorney to adivise one way or the other....Sort of like one of the current presidental contenders response to some very direct questions.....

    Frankie da Dodger