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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Plane! The Plane!

The heading is intended for those readers who are "long-in-the-tooth". They'll recall the opening scenes of that '80's TV program entitled FANTASY ISLAND with Ricardo Montelban and the smaller  actor who entoned the Plane thing when the new crop of adventurers arrived at the island.
That being said, "The Drakes!...The Drakes !" in the 2nd Big Bugs of June (Western Green Drake)... have arrived on the upper river below town, in their usually sparse numbers.  I had reports from reliable sources for 2-3 days; yesterday I observed them it is confirmed.

HINT: Don't be fooled right now because we're experiencing a classic "masking hatch".

So what does that mean? Well the productive bug imitation thus far is a PMD emerger, cripple or dun because the PMD is out-numbering the Green Drakes in a ratio of ...I'm guessing here...25-1. So the surface feeders are eating the most readily available, table item. Hence the PMD (#16+-)...and fading, larger March Brown (#14+-) are  being "masked" by the bigger Drake (#8+-).  This selectivity may change in about a week after the trout have been seeing, eating and realizing the higher caloric-value of the bigger aquatic. Then a Drake becomes a really good "prospecting" surface-gambit because the trout know they are around and will key on the bigger, adult mayfly present...even though the PMD's will be present in increasing numbers.

Remember this is a short-lived event...

...and I'm not even talking about caddis...

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