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Monday, June 4, 2012

Late Spring

This week's really pleasant spring weather was welcomed. Everything is blooming...except there has been minium, CONSISTENT surface-feeders nor intense bug emergences. Overall this past spring has afforded us some pretty decent flyangling; although I'm willing to admit that we are getting a bit burned-out sub-surface fishing. Such is what has produced 90% this spring...nothing unusual. There have been a few exceptions though; some trout on both the LT and BT being fooled into eating Winged, Black Carpenter Ants and in the case of the image below of the 21" RainBow a #16 ParaChute Adams which HawkEye was using as an indicator fly.
Suffice it to say, without getting into a long report; the inlets and small creeks and streams have been forthcoming; some of which I haven't fully "scouted" yet.

Today, it is softly raining with some heavier down-pour anticipated this afternoon (actually a very wet snow!)....perfect weather for the second of the Big Bugs of June Green Drake's mid-day,  inclement weather appearance...not the evening as generally occurrs. So, I'm heading out the door to hook-up with my long-time fishing buddy Johnnie da Jeweler. Below are some images of the decent wild trout encountered during this satisfy the prurient interest of Swill da Beers.
    Da Stick and a nice Brown taken on a #20 Black Midge
    Tom Evenson of Orvis on a busman's holiday...
   Both of the above Browns were "spotted" sub-surface with HawkEye's incredible vision

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