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Monday, August 22, 2011

Quickie E-Fishing Report #6

This is a replica of a recent e-post (sans images and * comment) on a Bulletin Board:

The weather around Truckee has been pleasant with blue skies, sparse cloud cover and mild breezes. We are experiencing mid-summer fly fishing conditions(in late August!); most especially clear and warming waters. Plenty of bugs are available providing your timing is accurate; best approach being mornings and evening excursions, whether on moving or stillwaters.

The TRUCKEE RIVER has slowed a bit relative to the more productive angling we had during July and into early August.. The hackneyed reason... waters flirting with the higher 60's... by late afternoon, more significant in the upper river above Prosser inflow to Lake Tahoe; flowing at 278 cfs.

So, while angling in the "upper"river", it is best to seek cooler flows, whether you look for such at seepage springs and pocket-water surrounded by aerated whitewater. The other option is to explore the heavier currents below Prosser and Boca inflows; currently at 392 and 558 cfs, respectively. Overall, deep nymphing techniques will provide the most consistent angling; more so during the heat of the day. "Picking pockets" with dry-dropper methods works best in the AM and during the last light of the day.

Generic patterns in sizes 14-18 are suggested. There are lots of Spotted Sedges with a waning amount of Little Yellow Stones flying around (Hint: in the stream side bushes). Like-sized, dry, down winged patterns of the aforementioned get opportunistic grabs. Upwings such as Royal Wulffs and Humpies (I prefer ParaChute Humpies); any hair-wing attractors especially in the quicker flows.... Stimulators are good choices and do not hesitate to use an out-sized 10 or 12. The hoppers are thick now.

I must admit the most productive pattern I've used recently, with either deep-nymphing or as a dropper off of an indicator dry has been Matt "Gilligan" Koles' Gil's PMD Nymph. We have some great tyers in this area, even the well-known fly guru Andy Burk; but Gilligan's original patterns are fooling tons of trout in this area...and I do use Andy's patterns.

The Little Truckee is getting very low (139 cfs). There are both mayflies and caddis emerging...but very few heads showing, in the Meadow area. Now is the time of year I personally start using midges; as trailers during nymphing or dry-droppering.

It remains crowded with displays of poor angling etiquette; not to mention scammer guides who do not have USFS permits*. The smaller trout are making more of an appearance.
Kyle...Go Giants!
IMO, the larger ones have become very educated. Grade A spring-creek tactics...and skills...are required here. If not, do not venture here, you may become very frustrated.

*The below badge should be visibly displayed by a guide while operating/guiding commercially on Tahoe National Forest lands in the Truckee area. If not, they are suspect guides who are under-cutting USFS permitted guides who have lot more operating expenses because of 4%+ fees paid...'off the top'.Thus undercutting fee-wise permitted guides since they have less operating expenses (possibly no liability insurance). They're not complying with federal/state & county laws. IMO do not enable them.

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