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Friday, August 5, 2011

Quickie E-Fishing Report #5

Yeah..."cut & paste" is efficient...

---Excerpts of my personal e-notes to others on LT:

*Yesterday---"...fished the lower meadow using a dry/dropper rig and landed ½ dozen of a dozen hooked and another 10 misses…all under 12”. Neither of us saw heads."

*"...4:30-& 7:30 and hooked two. Broke one-off on the take; it ate a dropper of dry/dropper rig on 5X..then landed a girthy, 19” RB on a SJ worm via lead and indicator"

*About a week ago when flows were 436CFS..."The flows are dropping slowly....mostly PMD’s and a couple of other mayflies are emerging in numbers at the latest start of 1:30. They are all dun-colored wings, but three different abdominal-colors, yellow, orange at 14-16 and olive at maybe a 12 (Flav??, it would be earlier than anticipated since Green Drakes have been seen as late as august 1st!)...I've received two reports of success with EC Cripples 14-18. There are caddis 18-20 flying around. IMO, The most consistent method that produces at this flow is  indicator nymphing (whether long-lining or short-lining). Search at top of runs or riffles, but be careful because there can be trout in the tail-outs, smooth water along the banks, seams & really obvious foam lines (the thinner the better). There are sight-fishing opportunities. Essentially soft water for the surface-film fishing and the deeper faster water & pools go sub-surface.

There is lot of moss so if you sub-surface two people who are not  skilled, you’ll be pulling moss all day

I personally have been using 6-7 #6 (I add; when in doubt add!) or up  to 5 #4’s…Flesh Juans trailing 14-18's. I have not been using small midges at these flows. An exception is having success with myself and/or clients during 3-4 sessions trailing 20-22's (yarn indicator not Thingabobber; I use the latter in the quicker flows with heavier weight).…it all gets down to the client’s skill level. The trout are there and they are eating top and bottom."

2---Quote from my post Keine Bulletin Boad on 7/10/11:

"I'm a firm believer in synthesizing information. Several contributors to this BB provide their take on what is happening in the Truckee area from a fly fishing perspective. All of it is helpful; so gather a bit of wisdom here & there and you'll get a pretty decent idea as to what is actually happening in the immediate Truckee area's waters"

3---My post on Keine's BB today:

"In the last three days the flow into the Truckee from the dam at Tahoe City has increased 180%; 60-171 cfs....The good news is that the stretch of water along state route #89 will have more water, but the caveat is the water-release is from the top of the lake which will be warmer than water-releases from bottom-release dams such as at Prosser and Boca dams. So bring your thermometer. AM and evenings are advised...ideally.

...But, fish are being duped during the day in pocket-water via "sticking & moving" with either nymphing or dry/dropper methods in the water upstream of the Boca inflow to Prosser Creek...cooler water at a nice fly-fishable mode of 290-300 cfs.

Lots of Spotted Sedges and Yellow Stones and personally unidentified mayflies. Generic patterns are sufficient.

The Little Truckee above Stampede Lake is a good "prospecting" play now in the Perazzo Meadows area. During the last week below Stampede dam there has been a 39% decrease in dam release to 239cfs. IMO, the trout really have not adjusted to the newer flows and feeding lies because of the ramp-downs. There are several mayflies and smallish caddis emerging and flitting around, swallows are working mid-day and the early appearances of dragonflies is occurring on their hunts for the mayfly emergers. Regretably there still remains few consistant snouts exposing themselves."

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