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Friday, August 5, 2011

22 Pound Brown!!

Yes indeed; three weeks ago a guide-client of mine caught and released a 22 POUND Brown on the BT . Two people called  to congratulate me on such a horrendous guiding accomplishment. Yes, I am Da MAN..and this solidifies my enshrinement  in the California Fly Angling Guide Hall of Fame.

.....Problem is, it is not true; my client landed a 22 INCH Brown on the BT; interesting how the grapevine may distort the truth. Apparently he went into a local shop and mentioned his catch...and it morphed to unbelievable proportion as the info went through the local grapevine.

NOTE: The above 6 foot, wooden, brown sculpture was on a home in the tiny village of Via Manhuellas in southern Chile's Patagonia

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