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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Truckee Conditons....

Suddenly...we need more snow! I should have shut my mouth in conversations noting La Nina's tendency for minimal snow in January & February after strong Decembers. We have not had a significant snow-fall for going on 4 weeks. Admittedly we've experienced some beautiful , sunny days though. The upside is that the fly fishing has been productive and very accessible, most especially on the BT. Dead-drifting a small/big tandem, some lead, under an indicator is my personal preference right now.


  1. The are very active when hooked. Nice size to them as well

  2. Mickey---Yes indeed. As I mentioned on a recent report; decent sized Browns have been netted. Since I haven't been out in several days, the reports I'm getting indicate mostly RainBows.


  3. Hey Frank, love that run, great photo. I'll stop by and see you in Pleasanton.