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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Appearances During January & February

I like doing 'shows" whether in a booth, giving a presentation or involved in a seminar. I'll be involved in the following:
1---Sacramento ISE, 21-23 January
Two seminars entitled "Fly Fishing the Sierra",
ORVIS booth and helping with "Fly Fishing 101" to Chilean Patagonia 2-14 February, maybe this time I'll post images and a report

2---Pasadena Fly Fishing Show, 19-20 February
in the Sierra Fisherman booth and will talk at the
Destination Theater
3---Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show, 25-27 February
similar to Pasadena I'll make a presentation in the
Destination Theater; Truckee Guide NetWork booth
If at any of the three events, please come-by and say hello. I like placing names with faces.

Below are images of the last 'group"event I attended; October's Truckee River Day. I attended the Little Truckee Project and later the 'fair"along highway 89. The huge, colorful trout was an inflatable "bounce-room" for the kids.


  1. Hey Frank. I'll be attending the ISE and the fly show in Pleasanton. I'll stop by and say Hi.


  2. The Dean, I was bummed to be working my ass off in Oregon during Truckee River day. Next year we should get those kids drunk enough to fish.