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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snow We Got!

Snow-wise we've experienced a phenominal month of December. If you feel "...a winter-wonderland" is a hackneyed expression, your're probably right, but, it sure is beautiful here in the mountains. Since Thanksgiving both locals and visitors have been frollicking in the "white-gold"; skiing, gliding or snow-shoeing.
Excerpt from the local 12/29 210 Sierra Sun newapaper:

"The early winter storms have brought the Lake Tahoe Basin's snowpack to 219 percent of average...already received 70 percent of our annual snowfall, and technically were just entering the winter.
Over at Squaw Valley USA...over 21 feet of snowfall this season...120-130 inches is traditionally high snow count for this time of snow conditions in more than a decade."
Hey, I haven't even mentioned how all this snow is going to benefit our regional fly angling fisheries...................


  1. Hey Frank. The only thing I can say is that we dodged the bullet this time. The snow level was just up the street, but missed us. I'm sure we'll get some before winter is gone. Good for fishing this coming year, though.


  2. Frank,

    To date we have recieved 13.98 inches of snow/rain, our average nfor the year is 21". We have already beat the 07/08 season which was 11.57. If this keeps up trout fishing both lakes and rivers will be off the charts. Plowing all this snow is good for the fish - It's trout water!

  3. Shoreman & butter---For sure all this precipitation bodes well for a "good water year" for the trout. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for at least a moderate continuation of the rain/snowfall. Reason being is that I've heard that El Nina (sp?) sometimes comes in strong in December and then tapers-off a lot during Jan/Feb. I'm hoping she remains, minimally, nice.