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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Resurrection

CyberFly!! is resurrecting the once famous Truckee Fly Angling Update because of requests of some of the "old-timers". It was e-mailed to a subscriber list of close to 500 recipients. It was started in '97 and ceased in late 2004...pre-blog era. I have a brief explanation of why I discontinued the factual fly fishing report on my 18th century web-site's homepage ( and a click-on sample of one of my last entries.

The current version (below) is & will be faaaar shorter than the original, not as thorough & may or may not include its favored "Flora & Fauna Observations". Your feedback & personal reports are always appreciated & that others can tune-in to what you've experienced along what I'm reporting. Then, hopefully with your other additional comments this blog report may become timely & reliable advice for those planning a vist to the Truckee area. Uh...comments will be monitored for disparaging remarks or anyhing I disagree ;-)
Back to the Present:

It is officially Fall in the Truckee both visually & chronologically. The leaves are amber, gold & red...some are falling to the ground during brisk winds. The BT and LT are at low-flows; the exception being in the canyon below the Boca inflow.
Yesterday, the BT at the Loop, from 9:30AM-12:30PM produced well; about a dozen smallish 8"-11" RainBows. The hot fly was a #20 Rubber-Legged Copper John; under an indicator with two (2) #6 shot. The water was 58-61 degrees. BWO's, a tiny #20-22 (PsuedoCleon?), 18-20 Tan Caddis and a sized #14 Mahogony Dun (?) were high-lighted against the sun and/or dipping/egg-laying on the flows which were at comfortable 150cfs. A brief 1-1/2 hour session on the LT resulted in a brightly-colored 10" brown which ate a #18 Olive ComParaDun. Several larger trout were rising...consistently, but failed to eat. The water level is at minumal flows of 37 cfs. A mild breeze was present.

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