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Friday, July 16, 2010

A Guide's Dilemma

What is a guide to do in the heat of battle? Bark-out commands like a rabid Smokey-da-Bear-Capped DI (Drill Instructor...having experienced a few) or stoically say nothing & let the client go with their instincts? I'm sure the answer is somewhere in between.

Over the years I've realized that most of my streamside incantations occur when I'm guiding/instructing a beginner or intermediate fly angler (whatever the latter means) who may have limited experience hooking, playing & landing a decent trout. With an experienced fly angler, generally, a lot less encouragement & coaching is required.

The more intense scenarios by this emotionally unrestrained Italian's yelling & screaming probably totally discombobulates the client's instincts of what to do. Actually I'm still trying to temper my behavior & there seems to be some progress...after all these years. Lots of times I do apologize if I was a bit too vocal & most times the client says it was OK or they were not offended by my behavior. I'm sure there have been times when they may have white-lied a bit.

When your adrenalin is pumping and your client is into a big fish there is a tendancy...for sure...that both of you want to net the trout. Of course I have ulterior motives; my personal gratification since I'm actually fly fishing THROUGH the client. But more important to me is the elation & sense of accomplishment that the client may experience. I call this notion the "shareable world"; the passion of mutual experiencing an event. Plus, I/we do enjoy the high-fives, fist-bumps or primal-screams that occur at the net and/or upon the realease.


  1. I feel I get a little to excited at times also, but I know they come out better anglers in the end.

  2. Matt----Yeah, you can relate; even though I'm sure you're not as intense that I. Nevertheless, our hearts are in the right place; helping our clients net "that" trout.

    Stay tuned for the next definiton. da DEATH GRIP".

  3. johnnydajeweler---I misplaced your blog URL; please re-send. I'd like to show some your unique fly fishing stuff...assuming you're still in that phase.

    Frankie da Fish