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Thursday, July 8, 2010

3rd Big Bug of

I was was guiding on the upper BT on Wednesday and had a brief conversation with a fly angler who I've had e-note communications with since we met at the Pleasanton FFing Show. He mentioned all the Golden StoneFlies he had seen. I mentioned that, personally, I have not seen any adults...yet. Nor had I see any shucks on the boulders. Admittedly, I have not been in the canyon for over a week. Was he speaking about nymphs?

He returned a perplexed look, as if saying "Are you blind?". No, although I do wear corrective lenses & is the reason why I may be alive because I opted-out of becoming an infantry officer in Vietnam. I was being honest and I have to surmise that the adults are prolific in the canyon which he had visited the day before. Yes, I have received reliable intel of them in the canyon; which is a great location to be now for aggressive, "combat-waders" since the flows are below 575 cfs....hint.

As soon as he ventured upstream I returned my focus to the client. Then, I saw ONE shuck of a Golden, amongst a cluster of at least 50 little Yellow Stone exo-skeletons on the downstream side of a mid-stream boulder. For sure, there are plenty of the latter flying around and in the bushes..............with an impressionistic #14 down-wing pattern getting attention at the surface. Regardless, use the NYMPH of the Golden, it will draw attention...below...for more consistent hook-ups.

Yeah, I know it is more of a rush to see that explosion at the surface.

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