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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Definition #4--- DEATH GRIP

Death Grip:

Simply, breaking-off a trout because of not giving the trout line. Alternately known as not giving the trout its "head"or not letting it run and take-out line. The break-off can occur at a leader knot or hook knot. Either way, It is a clean break (no "pig-tails"...poorly tied knot); strictly "pilot error."

There are three types:

1-grabbiing/stopping the reel's handle as it spins line off the reel
2-pinching the line to the butt section of the rod with one's line-hand
3-pinching the line to the rod handle, between the reel and control finger

There is a higher probability of the death grip to occurr with fly anglers who are relatively new to the sport and/or those who are not accustomed to fighting large trout.


  1. My answer, 2X flouro on the Truckee...

  2. Matt---For sure, that's definitely a good suggestion; I was just thinking 3x for now.

    Yo Jo and I use 2-3x for steelies on the Trinity.