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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deja Vu

I don't know about you, but I'm anxiously anticipating some top-water activity here in the Truckee area. More specifically, CONSISTENT and PREDICTABLE emergences of bugs...and big bulges, splashes, heads and snouts eating them. also ideally consistent in lieu of sporadic.

I love to quote myself...I was reading the last on-line post (June 28, 2004) of my defunct TRUCKEE FLY ANGLING UPDATE :

"We've experienced typical late spring Sierra-Nevada weather; light rains, occasional greyish skies, late-afternoon thunder & lighting & even snow on the morning of June 7th. Now we expect a summer mode; warm sun , clear and/or billowy-clouded skies, late afternoon, blustery winds & possible thundershowers.The springtime high flows on the rivers & full pool on the stillwaters is waning. The water temperatures are warmer; triggering lots of bug emergences.

The uneducated trout of early season are a bit more sophisticated now that they may have been stung a time or two. Nevertheless, we'll not be burdened with "loading & lobbing" lots of lead on moving waters & deep-lining streamers in the lakes.

It is now dry fly time for those of us who like to switch to more delicate pursuits. Decent fish can now be induced to eat your fly on or in the surface film. The caveat is you must be on the water at the right place & time with the correct fly pattern & presentation...nothing new here."

Some of the above conditions actually apply now...sort of...or will occur in 2-3 weeks. Nevertheless, what is expressed can mirror some of my current fly fishing sentiments (remember my Mood" series of last year?)...even though it was written 6 years ago.

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