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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring, bugs & crabs?

Tomorrow will be the official start of spring; although we've experienced spring-like weather in Truckee during the last week. The last significant snow-fall occurred on Friday March 12th.
The snowpack and water-content is "normal" right now; thankfully because there has been two sub-par years.

Regardless of what you read on the Internet or in print about spring arriving, below in is an excerpt from an article I authored in the Spring 2002 issue of NorthWest Fly Fishing as it relates to fly fishing in the Truckee area. I'd like you to keep my suggestions in mind; especially advice (2):

"A thorough understanding of the interacting variables is what seperates the consistently gleeful fly anglers from others. Consider the following: (1) the percentage of water content in the snow is more critical than the amount of precipitation or snow pack. (2) Run-off is weather related; it can be steady and gradual or unpredictable and erratic. Sometimes, the area experiences early springs, other times late, hence you must adjust your overall angling strategy relative to ideal times and places. (3) Finally, water releases from Lake Tahoe and other downstream bodies of water at times seem to occur at the whims of the powers that be; dramatic ramp-ups and slow-downs severely play havoc with the stream biomass...not to mention angler's fun."

The above remains sage advise and has been validated by the test of time. I had to include the quote in this post because I recently received two e-mails; one advising me of an area fly fishing report and the other informing me of a new guide operating in this area. The report/forecast is from an individual who has been in Reno no more than ten years ( fishing for less time) and the latter is someone who has been in the Sacramento area all of five years and fly fishing for the same amount of time. What really cracks me-up is both of these individuals are east coast "transplants"...give me a break!

So, my questions are: What da-#$%* do they really know about fly fishing this area? How credible is their fly fishing reports? Why would someone hire a "guide" with so little experience fly fishing an area? Let the buyer be aware....

Today it is overcast; perfect for an a sustained BWO emergence on both the Truckee & Little Truckee. Unfortunately I'll not be on the water today; taxes and an inoperable steed ( trusty '94 Trooper is in it's final days). The Skwalas are present and the Little Winter Stones are still on the menu (...for how much longer?).

I received a report of a 21-1/2" taped RainBow netted on Friday. for crabs? I'm going to the annual Rotary Club's crab-feed at the new Rec Center in town. I'll be at Richard Anderson's table; the publisher of California Fly Fisher ( I assure him that his magazine remains the premiere, undisputed, fly angling mag on the west coast; best writers and content.

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