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Monday, March 29, 2010

Pre Spring Report...before the Snows

...durng the last few weeks several "locals" are venturing into the "Canyon" and towards the CA/NV border. Some are fly fishing in Nevada (I'm too cheap to purchase an "out of state resident" Nevada license). Below is an image of Pancho with a decent RainBow at an undisclosed CA-side location. It ate a streamer. Skwalas are emerging in Nevada and steadily moving upstream, some being observed this side of the border. Size 8, down-winged dry patterns have hooked some opportunitistic feeders aware of the presence of the Skwalas. Well, after getting a new rig I had an opportunity to fish a couple days. The weather has been really nice....good to get out. As they say: "March comes in like a lamb & leaves like a lion". How true it is.

On Saturday I met Monkey Pines at the inflow of the LT into the BT at 12:30. The weather was almost "shirt-sleeve"; sun, scattered clouds and a light breeze. He was already in the water casting a streamer with his switch-rod in the Uptream Pool. As I arrived on-stream, he put aside his long rod and tried some indicator nymphing. He didn't get a bump on the streamer. The water was 42 degrees and there were no visible bug activity. I went downstream to indicator nymph the right-side channel below the inflow. After 1/2 hour, nada, there; nor in the left-channel. MP got a bump. IMO, water temps are still too low for good, sustained bite.

Back to the vehicle and talked at lenght with Fish Fan; discussing some local fishery politics since he is the el presidente of new TU Truckee Chapter. This new group will focus mainly on local conservation issues. Then along came da Photographer and we ventured to the middle turn-out of the LT.
We walked through patches of snow and fished the water together for an hour. There were BWO duns on the snow-banks along-side Black winter stones; which are definitely on the wane of their emergences. We saw no risers in the 247cfs flows. I got a nice 18" RainBow on an egg pattern. I woould have used a worm/BWO nymph combo, but I didn't have a SJ.

We returned on Sunday and fished together for a 1-1/2 hour session on the LT's Upper Meadow stretch. Same conditions as the day before. dP located a riser at Sweeper Two and duped it with a perfect, downstream feed into the soft-water immediately in front of a submerged boulder. The17" Rainbow confidently inhaled the #20 CDC Biot ComParaDun (picture below...leaper in the lower, right corner). Again the weather was nice, except for an occassional gust of wind.

Da Photograher & a Leaper

Now it is snowing so I doubt I'll be out for several days. Good, I need to catch-up on lots of "adminstrative" stuff which took a back-seat before I got my new SUV (2007 Honda Pilot).


  1. The return of the Cyber Report!!!

  2. ...Yes, back by popular demand. Maybe I'll do the infamous CyberFlash!

    What about the poetry?