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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Watching the Truckee River's Flows

Ideally, a smooth melt; as opposed to an erratic preferred during this early-spring on Truckee area waters.

Pre-melt angling HAD been picking-up...until the rising waters that have occurred starting the 1st week of April...It has been changing day to day. With the receding snow; access is readily available.

There are two phenomena I observe this time of year; water flow and water  temperature. Right now, of the two, water temps are of lesser concern. Tactically, with high-volume, early-melt flows...simply, look for the proverbial "soft-water". Something to think about...the "precise holding water changes with the tempo of the snow-melt and rise and fall of the flows" (quote...Dean da Raven).
Along the Glenshire sector at 1800cfs
Lots of water to share...right now

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