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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Throw-Back PR #2...Early Season: May & June

Below is a loooong-ago, throw-back from Thy Rod & Staff's first, printed, 8-panel brochure; circa 1984. It was part of the brochure's The Seasons section entitled Early Season: May & June.

"Spring brings volumes of snow run-off. The main Truckee River, flowing out of Lake Tahoe, is an 'iffy' proposition. Consequently, the small tributary creeks and streams become a primary target. They host unselective, but wary, trout that can be readily taken on attractor dries or suggestive nymphs. Opportunity for performing a 'hat trick' of rainbows, brooks and browns is a likely proposition. A 14" fish would be considered a trophy.

The Little Trucke River sustains a larger population of trout. 18"-20" browns are known to inhabit some of the meadow sections below the headwaters of Weber Lake. They show themselves at dusk; about the only time they are vulnerable to a well-placed fly.

The lakes are prime during this period. After a wintry season of marginal sustenance, browns and rainbows are taken by determined float-tubers. On Milton Lake (2-limit; single, barbless artificials only; maximum 12") imitations of all stages of the Callibaetis, damsel and dragonfly nymphs produce quarry in the 1-3 pound range. If you are fortunate, you may witness a flying-ant migration; Milton Browns have been known to aggressively and steadily work the surface for 2-3 hours.

At Martis Lake (no-kill single barbless artificials only), California's first "Wild Trout" lake, the trophy 5-8 pound browns are taken on deeply sunk, properly manipulated leech and dragonfly nymph imitations. Redband Rainbows, Lahontan Cutthroat and "cut-bows" are available in more manageable sizes".

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