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Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Admittedly, there hasn't been a lot of opportunity to get on the water the last six weeks; limited access and blizzard-like conditions being the main culprits. We've had a record-breaking amount of snow for the month of January in the Truckee area; 220"-plus! It still continues; albeit currently very wet and heavy (makes for labored shoveling!), turning to sleet and now a deluge of rain during the last day and predicted through this week-end. I'm not complaining, we really need it. The down-side is that we local residents then to get cases of the mentally debilitating "shack-nasties"...the cure is to go fishing.
"cuz Jeff" with a "winter" RainBow

Here's a recent E-QUICKIE:

2/4---" area to fish; only one access/parking…an experienced fly angler fished 3-1/2 hours...hooked three/landed two…both 16” rainbows… indicator nymphing…cold water at 39-41 degrees…#20 black Disco Midge and # 16 Yellow Stonefly nymph being the productive patterns"

Hmmm...which way?

once there...solitude

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