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Friday, May 16, 2014

E-Quicky Report #15

My e-note replies and/or reports to clients and friends' inquiries:
May 16---"The flows in the areas I’ve been fishing on the big Truckee are 254-328 cfs; above the Boca inflow. The Little Truckee flows, below the dam have been at 330 cfs for about a week. Water in both is clear and the water temps on the BT is peaking at 59 degrees in the late-afternoon. Water temps on the LT is not an issue being a tailwater fishery.

Small streams, creeks or beaver ponds have been hit or miss this week. One looked perfect and resulted in not a single take. A beaver pond  produced one 8” Rainbow. A third small body of running water was great; over 20+ trout on an Elk Hair Caddis; largest being a big 11” Brookie. (not imaged)
On the BT and LT there has not been a lot of rising fish; if so, sporadic and short-lived at best. BWO’s and small caddis are present on the Little Truckee, and the same two, plus a sparse PMD emergence (really early for this time of year!) is on the big Truckee. The most effective technique remains sub-surface; either “tight-lining” or under an indicator, both using some lead.

A friend who is visiting and is a very experienced fly angler landed two nice fish today; a brown and rainbow, both were taped at 19” (no images). Both fish ate a #16 Flash-Back Pheasant-tail. He fished 6 hours; hooked five and landed the two decent ones."

May 17---"On  two occasions this week large 20" plus browns have visibly chased a gaudy streamer; no grabs or hook-ups though."
May 18---"The first Big Bugs of June has arrived; the Flying Black Carpenter Ant. arrived two days ago,  they've been observed in flight and crawling around...Thus far the trout are not looking-up; hopefully soon. Then we're on alert for the Golden Stones and the Green Drakes. Then dry fly fishing will start in earnest."

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