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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Busman's Hoilday in Utah...Epilogue

This post is looong, but full of images...enjoy 
Flaming George Dam...Start of Section A on the Green River...Dutch John, Utah
Below are excerpts from my 4/14/2014 post:
"...verify if all the positive stories about this fishery is true."

"The hope is the timing is right and the BWO hatch will be in full-bloom...with lot of surface feeding trout."

Where there any disappointments? One, just a bit; I'd hope for more target-shooting when we drift-fished the last three days. It occurred on our first two days of wade-fishing. Fish were up and the hatch lasted about four hour both days. The area we wade-fished was the lower Section A. We stalked the banks to about 1-1/2 miles above "Little Hole". There was plenty of water to fish; everyone setting-in at a spot where there were plenty of fish to  target. Best flies were 18 BWO Pull- Overs trailing #20-22 Griffith's Gnats on 11'-12' leaders with 6 x tippets.

 E-notes to friends on  wade-fishing the first two days:
"I'm currently fly fishing the Green River's Flaming Gorge. I have never seen so many trout at the surface for an extended 4 hour period of a BWO hatch; exception being at Silver Creek during a Trico emergence/spinner fall."
"...I had a trying day (editor...tongue in cheek) casting to pods of surface-feeding 14"-18" Browns on the A section of the Green River from 1100-1600..the Baetis hatch last that long!...tough day ;-)."
 Little Hole....bottom of "A" section
looking for snouts and swirls at the surface 
....what's this?
...on closer viewing...solid matts of BWO stillborns and cripples
Three days of drifting; two days on A section and one day on the B section:
 There were BWO hatches all three drift days; but clear skies and heavy gusts of wind were not conducive to a good top-water feeding. So sub-surface was the best option, even though each day we targeted the sparse rising trout.  (Unlike the previous two days while wade fishing…we had bigger numbers to the boat (guessing 30-35;  browns, RB's and a few whitefish while on the "B" section.  Small flies, #4 and BB shot, 7'-9'drops from the indicator was required for the most consistent grabs. We used #16-18 non-descript nymph and egg patterns.

Irv (my fishing partner) and Gene the guide (highly recommended)
The Rainbows and Browns were in the 14"-18" range
unique "double"...Brown and Whitey...
 Wild asparagas


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