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Sunday, March 30, 2014

We'll take the Snow...and the hot bite at Pyramid Lake

Last evening we received 8" of snow at my place at 6500' elevation. For sure it is bit too late, but the trout will cherish ever bit of water they get, the more the better through the full-month of April.

The last weather system has up-ticked the totals for the year. Seventeen (17) weather sites in both the Lake Tahoe and Truckee River regions now stand at 38% of normal snow-pack and 57% of normal annual precipitation. Not good, but a lot better than the numbers of a couple of weeks ago.

We have been wetting a line though. Most especially across the border at Pyramid Lake. This body of water has been producing both numbers and size of Lahontan Cutthroat during the last month. I personally have experienced a couple of 10+ sessions...which are decent numbers for me. Sized 20"-25" of both Summit and Pilot strain fish have been eating whether one is indicator fishing or retrieving. On March 19, Jonny B had a 30 fish session, along with Rob Anderson's 20 and my lower-count of 10. We had on and lost the coveted 10 pound-plus trophies we all seek.
   Poncho and da Pyramid
Poncho, da Line-Up and Summit-strain Cutthroat'em on da ladders
...a "cookie-cutter" Summit fish
Locally on the BT and LT, Rainbows to 19" and Browns to 22" have been netted. Sub-surface fishing is the best producer, with surface activity being a distant second method. Water temps are still a factor on th big river; for both energizing the trout's feeding metabolisms and encouraging more prolific aquatic bug emergences.
da Professor with an LT 'Bow
 BT Brown

....pray for more snow!

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