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Sunday, March 9, 2014

A REALLY Early Fly Fishing Report/ Seasonal Prognosis Report

OK, I'm projecting the season 6+- weeks ahead of a "normal" season.
Granted, March has brought us some desired precipitation, but, we'd surely like a lot be even close to normal. As of today's date in the Truckee Basin watershed (8 measurement sites at elevations from 6456' to 8801') the numbers reflect 33% of average snow-pack and 54% of total precipitation for the year. So, what can we anticipate?
1---Summer Doldrums by early July?...yikes!
2---April and May angling conditions similar to "normal" June/July
3---Tailwaters throughout California will be a zoo!
...dotted lips (move the screen around to view exceptional colors)
We've been "head-hunting" on both sides of the border. Effective surface patterns have been  #20 Griffith's Gnat#18 Baetis Hackle-Stacker and #16 Royal Wulffs; duping trout to 19". Adults seen on the water are BWO's (tons of 'em in Nevada!), an occasional Skwala Stonefly and midges.
In the absence of showing fish and wanting more tugs of bigger fish; go down, near the bottom, and use lead..."tight-lining" or using indicators. Water temps are still low on the BT, mid to high '40's, so feeders are not moving much. You have to hit them on their snouts while fishing "low & slow". Largest trout this week has been a 22"-23"  trout imaged below. Biggest Brown has been 19" with a larger one lost on a high aerial.
Effective patterns have been #18 FBPT, #16 March Brown nymphs,  and #10 Flesh Juans.
...a Cutt-Bow hybrid? (see above & below)
Remember, conditions on the Cali-side of the border, will be earlier than usual. And that should be considered when you plan your Sierra angling trip this season. The hope is that we get way above normal precipitation for the remainder of March and through April.   

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