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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Glowing, SHAMELESS Fly Rod Endorsement for Sale...;-)

Recently, I was going through some of my hard-copy files; reviewing and purging. I came upon a letter. About the late-90's a fly rod company sent me a fly rod to field-test. Well, I did so and fished it for over an eight-week period. I sent the company a glowing, field-test report; because I actually liked the rod and was impressed with its performance under varying conditions. They never used my report in their marketing (...I felt it was pretty well-written!) and actually discontinued the rod a year later?!

So, is there a rod company that can use the below to tout a new rod? The copy is for sale/barter....How shameless!!...yes indeed. Remember, it is copy-righted. Merely fill in the blank:

"The--------------is an  ideal all-around fly rod for angling in the Sierra. It has performed flawlessly; regardless of the diverse scenarios it encountered. What's unique about this rod is that it loads efficiently; long or short. It has subtle strength and back-bone to power-punch a long cast into high-mountain gusts, whether over rivers or still waters and finesse for close-in presentations while 'short-lining' dries in pocket-water".

...and more:

"The rod you've had me field-test this season is:

.....Strong enough to prevent a Little Truckee river 20"+ rainbow from rushing towards submerged willow roots, thwarting its attempt to disappear; deep into a cross-river, undercut bank.

.....Sensitive enough to protect a long, fine tippet while casting a #22 Griffith's Gnat to 16"-18" Rainbows on the inlet flats of California's Martis Lake.

.....Long enough to 'high-stick' while 'lob-casting' #6 BeadHead Golden Stonefly nymphs, along with two BB; combat-wading in the heavy, spring flows of the Truckee River.

.....Accurate enough to present  'in-the-lane' drifts to wild Browns ingesting Green Drakes emergers and adults in the glassy and squirrelly spring creek flows of Humbug Valley's Yellow Creek". 

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