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Friday, May 24, 2013

Beyond Brooks...A Progression

...and about creeks and small streams. images  for larger viewing
For those fly anglers who are intimately familiar or frequently visit the moving waters of the Sierra; a natural progression of where, when and how to fish its waters becomes ingrained.  Those new to the area will be in the "prospecting" phase for awhile before they will spend less time guessing. My bias suggests it only comes with years of experience.

Admittedly, even I am finding an occasional new spot. Just yesterday I joined my wife on an impromptu 4-mile hike near our home which provided me a glimpse of water I'd never fished in my 30-plus years fishing around the Truckee area! I didn't have my fly rod with me...

The progression in locating the optimum conditions varies season to season; subject to the amount of snow received during the winter. This season, because of the minimal amount of precipitation, everything is at least 3 -weeks ahead of a "normal" year (Truckee Area Prognosis...4/4/13). . Generally, I've experienced the best success by plying the small waters first (Beaver Ponds, Brooks...5/11/13) and progressively (that word again) move to the bigger flows....hence a reason for the title of this post.

My good fishing buddy and long-time friend, Johnnie da Jeweler ( recently  visited. It was a good opportunity do a "progression-scout" of local waters that I perceived to be in optimum fly fishing conditions. I do know that these "smaller" waters have very short windows of opportunity. I posit 7-10 days. So we visited "larger" waters (a subjective term) than brooks with-in driving distance of Truckee; before they become too low and the water temps become too warm for optimum feeding and bug activity.
Suffice it to say that there were more "numbers" encountered during his four day visit on the smaller waters than the more notable, bigger, running waters. The trade-off concurrently is smaller wild trout...The old "phase 1" versus "phase 2" stages of fly angling, fodder for another post or published article.

I've said enough so this post will now be more visual than verbose (...that being done
already!) bug or trout images. image for larger viewing
above..."bigger" beaver ponds 


  1. Excellent post Frank! Thanks for sharing!

  2. JB----Thanks...I know you know a lot about "creekin" (your coinage) and scouting.