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Saturday, August 18, 2012


REF: July 13, 2012

Geez---it is epedemic! While on a local stream on Friday, I encountered two "Rush-Holes" within one hour.

 I saw #1 RH, stationary in the water fishing a riffle as I walking downstream; an obvious guide & client. In the interest in extending "guide courtesy" (for that matter stream etiquette in general); I decided to turn-around  and walk with my client to a run a minimum of 200 yards upriver. Reason being is that there were several cars in the area with no one in sight and I was guessing  that everyone was way downstream; with a reasonable expectation that there was no open water available below. We turned-around and at a leisurely walking pace headed upstream. Then I noticed the guide & client; heading in the same direction at an extremely fast-pace with the obvious intent of beating me & client to the run. Heck they must have covered the first 150 yards of the 200+ yards at warp-speed when our backs were turned.

So, we turned around and headed downstream conceding the pool to the guide. As we crossed the stream to get into position to fish a run. Suddenly, out of the haste... appears an angler, #2 RH  Again, we conceded and walked/fished below him. After about 20 minutes of quickly pounding the run he suggests I move upstream with my client to fish the run because there are "fish showing"...Well, thanks, I knew that before you "hole-rushed" me.

In fairness to #2RH; I suggest that 90% of anglers are totally unaware of "stream etiquette"...but, the remaining 10% are gaming to beat you. As for guide #1RH...he knew better and IS one of the 10 per centers.


  1. Hey Frank. I think we should start carrying pepper spray for these guys. Wait, how about bear spray?


  2. Mark---I was never that close on the guide. #2RH appeared out of the willows within about 30 feet of me; as he rushed down the bank to the water.

    I prefer avoiding any best as I can.