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Thursday, August 30, 2012



The Period between "Prime-Time" and the "Second Season" of Fall. The waters are low and warm, most aquatic hatches are over and the trout await cooler flows and remaining bugs to appear on the menu. Fly anglers hope for strong "hopper winds" or probe deep with big food items.

An E-Note Quickie from today:

 "We are in "Tweener-Time" or "Dog Days"....warm water on the BT

(early morning only), low water on the LT with no hatches and

and really spooky fish. I actually refused a trip from a beginner today

because he wanted to go out and catch way.

I'd suggest you visit the NF of the Yuba from Downieville upstream to

Bassetts. No on Greagle area because that is the MF of the Feather;

which is entirely too warm and low this time of year."


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  1. That's why most experienced fishermen carry a thermometer unless, of course, we have you to check ahead of time.