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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Second Big Bug of June Confirmed!

I personally observed the 2nd Big Bug of June, the Western Green Drake on Thursday, July 7 on the LT. About 1/2 dozen were spotted there yesterday. So, they are present in the Truckee area.

The grapevine says adults are in the "Grand Canyon of the Truckee"...thus far not verified. Seining along the Glenshire-stretch of the BT reveals a healthy population of mature nymphs; some with bulbous wing-cases....The Drakes' emergence on the big river is behind their regular appearance which occurs as early as the 1st week of June to the last week of June....normally.  I'm speculating the late adult appearance is the result of the huge volumes of water & cooler water temps Mother Nature has provided this year. With the BT sloooowly receding in flow, we may experience an unusual JULY Green Drake hatch.

As for the 3rd Big Bug of June, the Golden Stonefly; personally I have not observed any. I've received one report of an adult sighting. Similar to the Drakes; mature, adult nymphs appear in the seinings.