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Monday, July 18, 2011

Fauna, Flora & Fly Fishing Fun

Finally most waters in the Truckee Watershed basin are fly fishable & producing wild trout. Whether it is the BT, LT (although still high), small creeks and streams; the flows are fishable and water temps have reached the bottom-cusp-range to encourage bug emergences triggering trout the surface. We've been streamer and nymph fishing for an extended amount of time this year; now we have better options for "head-hunting". During the last week we have sight-fished and raised trout to the surface via "prospecting the water". So, fly fishing is now in full-swing and will continue; providing great fly-angling through the normal "dog-days" of mid-August through September.

Anglers are now encountering unselective Brookies in the creeks and more finicky...larger...RainBows & Browns in the bigger water & lakes.

There have been multiple aqautic bug emergences from small BWO's and Caddis, to mid-sized PMD's, PED's & Mahogany Duns(?) to the large western Green Drakes and Golden StoneFlies. All of these bugs are about 5 weeks behind relative to their normal adult appearances. I've personally observed Green Drake adults throughout the area; from tiny brooks to the big Truckee. We have seen them during the day and at dusk.

As I've previously mentioned in this blog, wild flowers are profuse; even the native grasses are as high & healthy as I've witnessed during the 30-plus years since I bult my first home in Truckee.
Above is merely a sampling, there are many others blooming...reds, yellows, lavenders...too numerous to photograph & post here.

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  1. Beautiful. Good work Frank.
    Do you have that video of when I caught the swallow on the green drake dry?