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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

E-Quicky Report...#1

Finally, we're experiencing some warm weather; with the exception of this morning's greyish-overcast sky & drizzle and gusty winds with clearing skies this afternoon. Because of the unpredictable weather during the last two weeks, I canceled 5 guide days and rescheduled two.

No...I haven't seen the infamous, first Big Bugs of June, the Flying, Black Ant...yet

Here is a report I gave to an inquiring client today:

"The main Truckee is in the mist of run-off, high & discolored. Heavy nymphing with lots of lead and streamers using sink-tips are your best tactics. Behind town it is peaking at 700 cfs and troughing at 500cfs, but, IMO, still too high and possibly very treacherous wading. Looking at the flow charts I'm deducting that the melt is waning, although there is still lots of snow on the high peaks & north slopes.

The LT is very low for this time of year; 41 cfs. The fish are spooky. We're in-between hatches, so there are few consistent risers. If you observe a steady riser, my bet is that they're eating midge emergers. Mid-day you may fool a trout using terresterials, such as ants and beetles; with BH droppers. Be aware...mosquitos have made an appearance!...especially in the shade and at dusk.

The smaller running waters are very near perfect and exploring their lake-inflows are a good soon as they clear.

In two-three weeks everything should explode!"

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