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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cyber Flash!! #2

...a belated Flash!

The second leg of the fabled Big Bugs of June has landed...made an apppearance. While guiding on Monday, June 21, I personally saw three (3), adult Green Drakes on the Little Truckee from 12-12:10 PM. I also received a report...and you know it is from a reliable source otherwise I do not use it...of four (4) adults viewed in pocket-water along the lower reaches of Glenshire Drive; also at noon. Neither sightings resulted in observed rise activity; which should change soon.

The melt & run-off has decreased and near its end. Finally the BT is fishable with trout that have thus far not been seriously harassesd. Now we'll experience a prolonged season with plenty of water and lot of bugs.

Remember, the sequence of hatch activity is sequenially consistent; when the sequence STARTS is subject to the previous winter's snow-pack & water content the corresponding run-off. Jeff Brown, the manager of the Sagehen Creek UC Research Facility, informed me that at his location they have recorded 146% of BOTH snow-pack and water content.With that in mind, IMO, everything, conservatively, is at least 3-4 weeks behind...if not more.

Now I await reports or personal viewing of the third Big Bugs of June; the Golden Stonefly.

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  1. Three huzzahs for the return of the Cyber Flash!!!