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Monday, January 18, 2010

...before the snow

Reading a friend's blog made me think of the title for this post. Check Jay's blog at If you like swinging for wild steelhead his recent post shows the passion.

Well, I guess I'm jaded, but the ISE San Mateo is a mere shadow of its past. I had a booth there from 1990-2000. This year I manned in the Sierra Fisherman magazine booth. It afforded me an opportunity to see if the ISE San Mateo improved...nada. I saw more people in one day in the '90's than I saw in 2-1/2 days at this year's ISE.
Regardless, I had fun seeing familiar faces, BSing about fly fishing and was satisfied with the presentation Bill Forward, Andrew Harris & I gave to interested show-goers.

The only time I was tempted to cast a fly was during a feeding frenzy at the Crown Royal Hotel Koi pond in the lobby........

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