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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fozen Fingers & Icey Guides

At 5PM at the upper parking area of the LT as we prepared to leave...warming our rigs...Doug da Physicist told me the air temps from his SUV device said 23 degrees. He did a quick rule-of-thumb figuring 15+-mph gusty winds we experienced in the meadow...MINUS 2 degrees! Well, I'm not surprised................

During the 4+ hour session Doug hooked two and landed one. The netted RainBow was taped at 18". It ate a #20 Red Midge Larva. The small fly amazed Doug. Prior to that landed fish; Doug had a prolonged struggle with a RB that was easily larger. I guesstimated 20" minimum; viewing its body-contortions while positioning myself for the "net-job".

As I see it, this will be my last guide-date for 2009 for either the LT or BT since snows are expected shortly and the familial holiday events will consume my time into the New Year.
..................with a Yo!Ho! Ho! and away I go.

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