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Monday, November 23, 2009

Defintion # 1: SNOWCLUMPING


The act of walking on freshly fallen snow with felt-bottom wading shoes. The snow accumulates on one's soles so that the angler gains 3"-6" in height via large, attached clumps of intact snow.

We received our first significant amount of snow last Friday, November 13th. It is here to stay and the ski resorts love it. I connected with Pablo and we decided to explore the LT; essentially to see if the Meadow area was still reachable via SUV. I mentioned to him that we'd been seeing some large browns...officially off the that they were fair play.

Last week he had landed his biggest Brown ever on the BT; a 26" buck with a tapered snout quickly ascending into a humped-back. He was still pumped-up and was anxious to see if he could get another "good one" ( about great one Pablo!) on the LT. The BT Brown ate one of his CDC Baetis Emerger.

To say that it was a beautiful day with fresh-fallen snow is an understatement...

....looking for a riser

Pablo spotted one working, got into position and got the take...and missed it when he set-up to quickly at the appearance of a good-sized head. I worked the run; probing the shallow bottom ( 33cfs) and he moved on downstream "head-hunting". There were no bugs, the productive BWO emergence ceased the first week of November.

I finished working the run with no results. Then I followed Pablo's "snowclump" tracks.....

downstream to a known productive riffle/run. As I approached the area, I noticed a deep bow in Pablo's rod. He had "blind-fished' a known lie & subtle current seam adjacent a mid-stream boulder. He rose a nice 18" Brown that ate his #18 BWO Pullover dry.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. A man after my own heart...ICE in the guides....

    Linking to yas'

    PT/TB :-)

  2. OK....went to your blog awhile back and will register there.