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Saturday, December 21, 2019

A Truckee White Christmas

As the song says "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...". Except, I don't dream it, I live it. Today the winter solstice is officially here. We wish everyone a pleasant Christmas and a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year.

Thus far we've had a very busy,  social holiday season with a bit more until the arrival of  2020. From here on it is snow-shoveling, blowing and pushing major winter cardio/muscle-toning exercise.

Generally, the snow accumulation is minimal and manageable...
On right, our front- entry...before the heavy snows
back patio decks, upper cleared , lower not...before moving BBQ 
under the extended/sky-light eaves

then the snowfall and pack gets serious...Such is the time when I manually clear our back-patio decks in a TIMELY fashion; if not, ice forms making for difficult clearing. I do not do the lower deck, but make sure I clear the upper-deck section to assure our windows are clear and free of snow. If not, we'll live in snow-cave since all the other windows on our 1st floor,  we're we do 95% of our living, around our 6500' elevation home are covered in snow from the sloping roofs' constantly "unloading".
After a "big dump" 
After my shoveling/pushing...beautiful mountain snow & sunshine!
In the front drive-way we have a plowing service, but I still have to "blow" snow with my handy Honda snow-blower to keep our garage-side entry door accessible; since our real "front-door" is not available when the deep snow-pack arrives at our 6500' elevation home
Deep snow view of backyard Tahoe National Forest 

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