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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Winter Here & Summer There

When we get that first blanket of snow in the Truckee area; we're elated, liking the seasonal changes, a bit relieved that the fire season has ended and looking forward  to Christmas time with some family and friends. It is also a time I personally get nostalgic about my early 2000's fly angling ventures to southern Chilean Patagonia....see bottom six images
... Front door view, Dark sky in-between snowfall 
Back-yard  forest...pontoon-boat under deck  
...sun and blue skies wind...quiet
west-slope Andes foothills, stream & vista
Lago Pollox
lots of multi-colored lupine
trekking to a spring creek and  its tiny "laguna"
small creeks...up and over
Valley  of the the Rio Nireahou

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