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Monday, August 27, 2018


Rio Simpson...southern Chilean Patagonia...circa 2006

There came a point in time after numerous years of guiding and instructing experienced, semi-skilled and novice fly anglers that I realized I was espousing recurring themes and concepts. These aphorisms; simple, concise and truthful sayings, I've coined FRANKISMS. These  are exceedingly useful when I want to instill a concept that is beneficial and easily understood; an idea that I am emphasizing for a client, with the intent being that the concept/s will be subconsciously imbedded into their angling psyche.

My selective use of the Frankisms is based on its appropriateness when instructing beginners with core insights or useful and adaptable to the existing skills of experienced fly anglers...taking them to another level.

During my last few excursions in the Truckee area; fishing over finicky surface-feeders, I have reinforced one of my ingrained Frankisms:

"Observe More...Cast Less"

There are two things the fly angler has to consider when they have sighted a surface-feeding trout...before making that first cast! 

1----What are the lateral perimeters of the trout's feeding lane?....One's  fly presentation has to be within those precise boundaries.

2----What is the rhythm of the trout's feeding?....Time the feeding behavior of the trout  and make your cast at what you perceive as the appropriate time of the start of the trout's rise sequence. 

Finding the precise feeding lane is a start. If there is a consistent rhythm you up your chance of the take. Of course you have to accurately present the right fly; size, shape and color...IMO, in that order; if all three, the better.

Rio Nirehuao..southern Chile...circa 2004

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