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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Techno-Challenged OR Techno-Adverse?

Yes and Yes.

Those who know me know how techno-challenged I am. Yeah, stuck in my "old-school" ways and/or unwilling to learn 21st century communication....actually a composite of both. Techies, can be unforgiving and sometimes condescending...the latter which irks me because they display their intolerance and disrespect of their elders.

Do I really want to be constantly "connected"? No I do not.

I want to disassociate myself from instantaneous communication.  Such an attitude can adversely effect my fly fishing business;  such as prospective clients assuming I text...I do not.

My operative, 20th century communication protocols are:
        1) my land-line at 530-587-7333
        2) my e-mail address at

Such will remain my current operative communication; unless someone can provide overwhelming reason/s why I should change.

My personal privacy remains an overriding priority.

Frankie da Techno-Adverse/Challenged

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