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Monday, May 11, 2015

TRUCKEE TRIVIA #25...answer...and More!


The "hatch of '96" was a six-week long PMD hatch on the Little Truckee trophy water from late-June to early August of 1996. During the entire period there were predictable and consistently, surface-feeding trout. It was dry fly fun. excerpt from my essay in Sierra Fisherman, summer 2009:

"Looking down from the high bluff saw I saw the bright, white mouth of an 18”-plus rainbow inhale a bug at the surface.  I then observed several mayflies flying above the stream. I thought, “Right on time!” I hastened my pace down the trail, crossed the stream and got into position for my first cast to one of the rising trout. This occurred during what is now known as the “hatch of ’96”; six weeks of a prolonged and consistent 11AM- 4PM, Pale Morning Dun hatch…and rising trout.

 This event occurred on the Little Truckee River, below Stampede dam. The “hatch of 1996” is considered the one important event that propelled the Little Truckee River to its status as one of California’s premiere fly fishing venues. At that time, it was still a “secret”; and the locals wanted to keep that way.  But, the word spread out of the area and a lobbying campaign started for “catch & release” regulations."

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