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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sage Words From The Icons #2

Topic: Being a "Purist"

"I will not limit myself to dry fly, even for fresh-water trout, because I believe that both wet and dry flies have their uses and their fasination. But I'm inclined to think it is a waste of pleasure to catch fish on a sunk fly when they could be taken on a floater".

Roderick L. Haig Brown...The Maculate Purist chapter in Fisherman's Spring

My Take: Agreed... A Frankism is "A trout fly angler is in denial if they say they do not prefer fishing a dry fly".

IMO, not many trout fly anglers would disagree. I'm of the opinion that there are few more aesthetically pleasing sights than a large trout inhaling your dry fly at the surface. Most especially if it is a selective, rhytmatically feeding trout...and you make the perfect presentation with the right pattern.
        Below....Goodrich Creek and the  ultimate challenge, head-hunting on flat water...casting upstream...channeling Halford....



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