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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sage Words From The Icons #1

                    Topic: POLITICS

"If the client brings it up, you can respond, if and only if, you agree. Even then, it is best to steer things in another direction. Most of us get mad when we think about politics, and angry people don’t fish well. I know, I’ve tried it.”

 John Gierach---“Guiding and Being Guided”---Sex, Death & Fly Fishing

 My Take: Over the years if a client persists with casual innuendos/probes about politics to see where I’m coming from politically; initially I let the first few attempts slide-by, ignoring the comments. If they persist, then Frankie da Curmudgeon makes an appearance.

’ve sort of paraphrased Gierach as in: “Politics pisses people-off. And people who are ticked-off can’t fly fish very well. The only politics I’m receptive to discuss, if you’re willing and you are paying for my time, is fishery politics."

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