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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nearing the "Second Season"...

The ground vegetation, alder, cottonwood and aspen, are changing colors; the leaves are progressively being blown free when we get the occcassional brisk wind. We are experiencing some early fall weather with mild winds and warm sun late-morning to mid-afternoon. Right now we're experiencing warm days and few clouds, but last week there were late-afternoon dark clouds with no precipitation..a precursor of autumn. Regardless, we're really not into the 'second season' in a bit of wet weather; preferably drizzly and frosty mornings. Both we fly anglers and the trout love damp weather and clouds.
Overall fly fishing is definitely improving in the Truckee area. The waters are cooling, although low and clear, the trout  are progressively feeding more on the slowly increasing aquatic emergences we're starting to observe. Fall is in the air and the trout feel it. It is a great time to be in the mountains; few anglers, pleasant days and venturing-out mid-morning in lieu of early mornings and/or dusk fishing.

Per my recent magazine advertisements

"Solitude...long leaders...short days...stout tippets..."picking pockets"...and other opportunities"*
    Myriad Choices:

Tantalizing, Agressive Pre-Spawn Browns with Streamers

"Picking Pockets" with Dry/Droppers

Casting "Far & Fine" with Tiny
BWO's being Slurped by Sippers
Swing Ascending October
Caddis Pupae in Tail-Outs
...and other options"**

*  Sierra Fisherman...Fall 2012
**October 2012...California Fly Fisher


  1. Hey Frank. I've noticed that we're moving into the mornings with a sweatshirt and still a t-shirt by noon. Should be quite chilly by the weekend.

  2. Nice scenery, hopw i can go fishing there one day..
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  3. Mark---yeah, cool mornings and then sun warms wind makes for pleasant times on the water.

    Still looking for more heads though.