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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a Flowing "Mea Culpa"!

My 5/10 and 6/1 posts; PEAKING & TREND LINES and ADJUSTED PROGNOSIS...SLIGHTLY, respectively, declared that the snow-melt was waning. I was wrong...oh so wrong! My crystal-ball whose accuracy I was touting...sheepishly...was not.

June 6 marked the start of this warm spell. The BT started raging from a wadeable 300 cfs to over 1000cfs along West River street in Truckee. The historical average for this period in this area has been 250-300 cfs; hence we're currently at 740; flowing at 240% of normal. The LT is now at 831cfs in the special reg area; the highest I can recollect at this time of year. Regardless of these challenging conditions; trout are being hooked & netted. The caveat is that the trout hooked at these flows are difficult to bring to the net. I'm thinking if you net 50% of those fish hooked that you're doing OK.
...for a real, not arms extended image:
One accuracy on my predictions is that now we fly fish the small creeks, streams and lake inlets....HINT!


  1. No need to apologize for trying to predict the unpredictable.

    Thanks for demonstrating that trout porn can be faked without silicone.

  2. JdJ----I like your comment about silicone.

    The other common technique for making trout larger than they are is using a fixed, 35 mm lense; which is pretty much a moderate fish-eye lense. The image result, from a 'fish porn' perspective, is that the girth of the trout grows expodentially...or should I say deceptively.

    Frankie 'da honest broker' Pisciotta