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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cyber Flash!! #3

a bit delayed, but....
Well, it is official via concensus of my BB's (blog buddies); da Sheriff, Jon & Jay are concurring relative to my post of 11/21/10...winter is here.
Access, and I'm talking the ability to merely park your snow-shoe, glide or "snow-clump"( see NOTE below) the "open" BT waters from the Boca inflow upstream up to to Trout Creek, is minimal; if not improbable. The road to the LT at Boca dam is closed; snow-laden and will remain unplowed for the foreseeable future.

If you want a reliable and continuing assessment as to what fly fishing venues will afford you the best fly angling opportunities in the 1) Truckee area, 2) north of town to Quincey, and 3) west to Pyramid Lake, "follow" my BB's blogs; da Sheriff*, Jon** & Jay***and Jay***...respectively.

NOTE: "Definition #1..." posted of November 23, 2009




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