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Monday, April 12, 2010

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend....

I'm being maudlin here, but I know fly anglers can relate. Last week I said farewell to my trusty '94 Izusu Trooper. It was nearing 180,000 miles and during the last year it had recurring clutch problems and this winter at least one 4WD hub went out...maybe two; making it no longer reliable in the snow and too costly to repair.
Since '98 (bought it used at 55,000 miles) we've shared many memorable angling experiences. We have visited both northern & southern California and areas of the Rocky Mountains west together. all our past fishing rigs...Caio!!


  1. I love it, for the time being I can fly fish and/or guide one will follow me around because they haven't the slighest idea what I'm driving!

    Frank...with the bag over his head...Pisciotta

  2. I know the feeling. Unless I am missing something, at least it was sent off via age/wear/tear. My beloved older Pathfinder was sent off as a result of a So Cal heavy traffic multi-car pile up. B